Red Ball (game)
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Red Ball

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Platform Game


Eugene Fedoseev

Red Ball is a platform game created in Adobe Flash, originally sponsored by in 2008. The 12 main levels and 5 bonus levels are connected by end flags, which send the player to the next level. This is the first game of the Red Ball series, which also contains Red Ball 2, 3, and 4.


Lifts and thorns. Axes. Ninja on the Bridge? Jump! Pacman? Roll over! Sleep slope. Catapult. It's all in here, together with a Red Ball and 17 fun levels.


When starting in Red Ball, you are a ball, stuck in a world with quite a few levels. Each level incorporates different obstacles, like spikes, crushers, cars, lasers, and much more. While the first 12 levels are playable anywhere, the last 5 could only be found on



Red Ball Walkthrough:
Red Ball Walkthrough Video (All levels 1-17)-0

Red Ball Walkthrough Video (All levels 1-17)-0

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